Lullabies of Hell light novel


A collection of short horror stories from various points in Hino’s career, Gakusen toshi asterisk is an inconsistent but worthy introduction to this major artist. The title story, “A Lullaby from Hell,” in which a death-obsessed artist tells his life story, is a primitive trial run for his later masterpiece Panorama of Hell. In the science fiction tale “Unusual Fetus—My Baby,” a couple gives birth to a froglike creature. “Train of Terror,” the weakest story, mixes snakes, roller coasters, paranoia, and twist endings into an illogical nightmare for young readers. The most interesting tale is “Zoroku’s Strange Disease,” an early Ray Bradbury–influenced fable in which an outcast artist rots into an oozing mass of sores in a lonely house in the forest. The latter story (clearly a strong influence on Junko Mizuno) achieves its goal of finding the beauty and pathos in the slimy and decayed.1176b84a34d1a7442e5fecc5129e455fb8e9fea3_hq

Ataru, a luckless teenage horndog, saves the Earth from an alien invasion and ends up engaged to Lum, a green-haired, horned alien princess who flies around in a tiger-striped bikini. But Lum is the one girl Ataru doesn’t like, and Ataru spends most of his time avoiding her jealous wrath while hitting on her alien friends or anything else with XX chromosomes. Shen Yin Wang Zuo is a slapstick combination of sci-fi, fairy-tale, and ghost-story elements, with plenty of cute girls. Lum herself is the original otaku dream girl—a girl who’ll either hit on you or zap you with lightning, but who’ll never leave you alone—and after the manga ended, lovesick male fans kept up a steady demand for anime and merchandise. Compared to Ranma ½, the stories are more episodic and the art is busier, as Ataru and his friends become “weirdness magnets” for a steady stream of craziness. Starting with the pun title, there are many references to Japanese culture; some are rewritten in the English edition, some kept intact. Lum Perfect Collection contains the beginning of the story; the later graphic novels were released under the title The Return of Lum.


Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service novel


“It all started when Numata found the body.…” Kuro Karatsu, a college-age Buddhist monk, has the ability to speak to the dead: not as friendly ghosts, but as muttering, barely mobile corpses. A group of hipster occultists (an embalmer, a dowser, a channeler who talks through a hand puppet, etc.) recruits him to join their “corpse delivery service,” carrying out the last wishes of the unburied dead, which often requires confronting their killers. Although not quite as graphic as Otsuka’s MPD Psycho, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service has more than its share of cringe-inducing gore, with sick serial killers and ghoulish “revenge from beyond the grave” scenarios. But the writing is sharp, and the occasional horrors are treated with a dry wit and a certain distance. Like Hitoshi Iwaaki (Parasyte), Yamazaki’s art is outwardly plain and realistic, yet achieves a stiffly creepy effect.img_0613

In the first chapter of True martial world light novel, the heroine is stripped and nearly raped, then kills four men with a blade in thick-falling snow, the blood splattering her naked body. She is Yuki the undercover assassin, born to take vengeance on the people who wronged her mother. The time and place is 1890s Japan, a setting medieval enough for secret sword battles but Victorian enough for sexual hypocrisy. Kazuo Koike knows that the best way to do a history lesson is to make it incredibly filthy, and Lady Snowblood is loaded with dildos, rape, and men’s lesbian action; in one cliff-hanger, Yuki is menaced by a man tragically burdened with a penis so big he can’t have sex. Yuki’s obvious male counterpart is the assassin hero of Heavenly Jewel Change, but she is an even more inhuman character, the ancestor of the thousands of cyborg women and emotionless female hit men in modern-day anime and light novel. Perhaps indicating her blank-slate nature, in the course of the story she disguises herself as a nun, prostitute, pickpocket, and life insurance salesman, and finally sells her own story as a newspaper serial to draw out her enemies, in a brilliantly ridiculous self-referential touch. Kazuo Kamimura’s art is comparable to Takao Saito (Golgo 13), with powerful cinematic layouts but notably old-fashioned draftsmanship. The 1973 movie adaptation of Lady Snowblood was one of the inspirations for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

The Glass-Winged One novel


Bottom-of-the-barrel slapstick shônen romantic comedy. Yukinari, a “wimpy, short, goofy, dull, stupid and clumsy” boy who breaks out in hives from contact with women, is teleported to an alternate world with a 90 percent female population, from which he escapes and brings Miharu, an agreeably clueless woman who somehow doesn’t trigger his gyno-allergy. Other visitors from Miharu’s world follow, as well as stock characters such as a handsome narcissist who has the hots for all the girls, and several women with crushes on Miharu. The plot aims for random one-shot adventures (a treasure hunt, a fake Miharu, duplicate Miharus, etc.), but the punch lines are nonexistent and the sexual content is equally bland and uninteresting.


Against the gods


Overwrought, fantasy-themed goth comics with stiff but appropriate art; the characters’ childlike faces and enormous eyes are framed by chains and lace, and sometimes by bleeding sores. In the title story, a boy with toxic blood is kept in a mansion by a noblewoman, like a tainted bird in a gilded cage. In “Firefly” a rogue member of a cannibal race falls in love with a human woman. In the interesting “Jion Princess” the main character is a sort of scapegoat, a magical double of a princess created to protect her mistress from sickness and bad luck. The stories are varied, although the interior art doesn’t live up to the cover.

Read Tales of demons and gods


The further adventures of Victorian dilettante Earl Cain Hargreaves, Godchild is the continuation of Kaori Yuki’s The Cain Saga. Accompanied by Riff, his faithful butler, and Merry Weather, his ten-year-old half sister, Cain solves crimes and has run-ins with the evil secret organization Delilah and his wicked half brother, Dr. Jizabel Disraeli. The names indicate the over-the-top feeling of the proceedings, but to its credit Godchild rarely degenerates into intentional distracting humor. The ornately drawn gothic plots involve séances, sinister nursery rhymes, sadism, and murder, and the heroes are as seductive and destructive as the villains. The art overcompensates in detail for what it lacks in clarity, and the storytelling is sometimes confused. Best line: “It’s not really love when you kill people or make them living statues!”

Crying freeman light novel online

Bringing the farm to live in another world

Emu Hino, a beautiful twenty-nine-year-old virgin, has accidentally witnessed a gangland hit performed by a handsome assassin who sheds tears for his victims at the crime scene. Now Hino is marked for death by the Chinese Mafia and is soon visited by Yo Hinomura, better known as “Crying Freeman.” But before he is supposed to kill her, Hino begs Hinomura to take her virginity. Afterward, Freeman finds that he cannot bring himself to complete his lethal task. Instead, the pair fall in love and together try to break the hypnotic conditioning that turned Hinomura from a humble ceramics artist into a reluctant killing machine. But to do that, they will have to face crooked cops and gangsters, as well as the dreaded Chinese organization that created Freeman in the first place. Easily the best known of the Kazuo Koike–Ryoichi Ikegami collaborations (partially as a result of an internationally co-produced 1995 live-action B-film adaptation), Crying Freeman is full of the wild sex and violence that supercharges works such as Offered and Wounded Man. But the characterizations are stronger and more memorable here, even as the tale itself becomes wildly digressive in the later volumes. The result is a pulpy classic of macho 1980s manga from the men who defined the genre. Prior to the Dark Horse edition, the series was released in a now out-of-print edition by Viz from 1989 to 1994.

Warlock of the magus world


Based on the cult hit PlayStation 2 game, Culdcept is one of the rare video game–based manga that are really good, whether or not you’ve played the game. The story takes place in a fantasy world in which duelists called “cepters” battle each other with magical cards. The main character is a headstrong young cepter who goes to the big city to gain worldly experience, accompanied by her magic talking staff/old man/advisor. Soon after arriving, she saves the city from being destroyed, becomes a hero, meets a band of oddballs, and sets off on a grand adventure. The art is fabulous, the world is richly detailed, and the story is filled with humorous gags and larger-than-life characters. All in all, it’s a wonderful title. (RB)

Against the gods spoiler

And really, me satisfied somewhat and contains swiftly become later on among my own favorite newest manga series out lately. I simply loved every minute how the numbers were cute and as the background advanced because of their people along with their strategies developed conditions more fun. As well as the means some of the insane or interesting circumstances are familiar with help create Asashiis as well as Youko’s link may also be a substantial advantage of the series. Furthermore, you understand how I described the series features an amount of anime presently? The anime IS JUST AS EXCEPTIONAL as the manga. Usually I Would recommend a person to check out the manga, nevertheless the method the anime remains handled is great. Aside from many areas being changed around in order to produce each occurrence enough to work, this series practically employs the manga almost correctly down some of the entertaining facial expressions inside the manga. I’m not being dishonest, it’s a landmark how a anime series could remain extremely dedicated towards the originally manga.You may examine the on going [Jitsu wa Watashi wa manga] here. Against the gods

I’ve offered plenty of supplement to Jitsu wa Watashi wa to-date, which is well-deserved. But is there something which applied to donot particularly take care of? Well, it’snot somewhat, but a few issues is the fact that I am bothered by. Well there’s how I explained the initial 2-3 areas being longer how a remaining areas will be in page size. This really is a little gripe, but I acquired that I really believe that it may have been finished in order to set up the annals, and over it. Maybe, critique, as well as the subsequent best I Have will be the issue using the name. This series wasn’t published inside the U.S. yet nevertheless it will probably be in January 2016, by Seven Seas authors. For whatever reason that I consider or cannot possibly comprehend, as of the time of this writing, it’s apt to be published as “My Monster Key”. This title I am doesn’t fit. Whatever the series being comedic and pleasant, China brand installed properly to obtain a trigger, like what a lot of the exhibits for methods occasion utilized, for that title: “Actually, I am… A vampire”, in a sense that matched equally need for Asashi and Youko cares for each extra plus a some of the ridiculous and comedic components. The name “My Monster Answer” actually looks a bit more tacky when compared with tone confirmed in the series. This name certainly appears down and that I’ve the necessity to explain why, though often I’dnot protest lots of on the part such as this. And finally, whilst the anime is great, it’s involved about ONE-QUARTER of the manga up to now, making things feel like more becomes necessary. While you might find more problems that’s is not too good of the critique nonetheless. Aside from all that, there’s almost no else I’ll certainly fault the series with. God and devil world

It’s funny, the numbers are nice and produce through the art-type reviews the series as well as the sequence tone. Should you be purchasing new animal individual sequence, a series that shows how comedic normal conditions can become for not as regular people, a unique spin on the vampire lover design, or even some outstanding laughter.Go take a look when you’re ready.

Bride of the Devil novel

Schoolgirl Minako Ifu finds herself stalked by a terrifying figure, the black-winged, horned Deimos (the Greek god of panic or terror), who says she is the reincarnation of his bride. From story to story Deimos appears in various guises, occasionally pursuing Minako, but usually acting as an instigator and witness to supernatural tales of tainted love and random doom. A classic of purple shôjo horror,Bringing the farm to live in another world makes no concessions to realism; the hapless heroine witnesses a new tragedy in every chapter, and the better stories have an element of bleak, illogical gruesomeness. (Hint: when someone asks, “Can love’s passion break through reason?” in a shôjo manga, the answer is always yes.) While not as accomplished as Rose of Versailles and Swan, the 1970s artwork is graceful and impressionistic, with cascades of hair, dripping blood, and the occasional satanic imagery or suggestive Beardsley-esque candles. The sloppy translation takes some of the class out of the story, which admittedly is written for younger readers.

Cookie-cutter retelling of theAncient strengthening technique anime. Marin is a spunky poor girl in 1969 Japan. One day she meets a talking cat and a powerful blue robot, who tells her that its name is Melan Blue and it was sent to protect her. Meanwhile, in the sky appears a giant floating city, Brigadoon, which is somehow tied to Marin and Melan Blue and the survival of the Earth. While the manga tells the same tale as the anime, it adds nothing new and doesn’t look as good. The entire twenty-six-episode TV series is condensed into two volumes, so much of the story is left out.


Tezuka’s Buddhist beliefs work their way into many of his manga, such as Phoenix, but this is his most overtly religious work, an ambitious retelling of the life of the Buddha. Written for children but enjoyable for all ages, Buddha spices up the story of Prince Siddhartha’s journey toward enlightenment with heaping doses of action, intrigue, and even slapstick comedy. Tezuka faithfully follows the outline of Buddhist dogma but expands on the personalities of the key figures in the Buddha’s life, also adding original characters whose lives demonstrate tenets of the Buddha’s teachings (and, often, include some extra two-fisted action for readers tiring of saintliness). Western readers may be shocked or baffled by Tezuka’s often irreverent take on his subject matter; it’s hard to imagine a Christian comic about the life of Jesus featuring bloody fight scenes, anachronistic sight gags, and the occasional fart joke alongside transcendent depictions of religious enlightenment. But Buddha has all these and more, and is ultimately both an engrossing, densely layered story and an inspiring exploration of faith.

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i shall seal the heavens

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