Start from nothing and becomes a Legendary gang!

I do not always write reviews and I do not believe I ever have as a manga reader, but I will not have the ability to sleep through the night without composing a review about this Tenkuu Shinpan Manga at least once, even if it’s never noticed.

Recently I had been looking for a gangster manga, about the beginning of the gang, about the story of the boss. But the character never develops and in the conclusion, you merely return to where you’re at the start in so many manga/manhua/manhwa. So I had been looking for something more severe, with real development, and watched a couple of titles, among which has been Tenkuu Shinpan.

Tenkuu Shinpan Manga
Tenkuu Shinpan Manga

Initially, I was excited to see this, viewing the score on the chart along with the synopsis, in addition to some artwork on google graphics, but studying the first review for this left me wary. I expected that the man who reviewed it only did not find the humor elegant, or simply was not to the theme/genre, but I immediately discovered that I despise this manga even more than that individual seemed to.

The translation for this manga is dreadful, at least to its first dozen chapters or so, but even ignoring the translation, even if you had been rewritten each and every piece of dialog to be somewhat adequate English, the writing could still be a fucking abomination. The manga is recorded as a comedy, and there are lots of comedic moments in the show, the dilemma is that the humor is bad, really bad, and since lots of important foundations are constructed on the humor in this series, the severe seconds always fall flat.

The connections within this Read Manga Online are incredible, the main character, Kitano Ken and his 3 first companions become the god of mafia just to protect the people around them, to protect someone who loves. Even when they do not know how or have any mafia background in any way. The following good that he hires is recruited with terribly executed narrative telling that sense completely unearned and that I almost stopped reading. To place it fast, the major character beats this large gorilla looking man, and then after one of his guys says to amuse him, he answers that he won’t amuse somebody who fights dirty, speaking to some inexpensive shot the gorilla man drove or something. The gorilla man then proceeds to wear a serious face and much more or less goes on one knee, begging for forgiveness and requesting to follow this kind of honorable leader. This is kinda ridiculous but maybe I just don’t understand their Asian culture. But Ken is still the best leader of the gang in my opinion, no matter what.

And you know anything else is good? The damn good is the artwork quality, which is very detail and amazing, but sometimes there are some critical moments with very cool artwork is destroyed by horrible gags personalities of the characters, you can not actually admire it. Boichi has done a great work for this story. This is the best mafia manga/manhwa that I’ve ever read. And I’d recommend this manga online to anyone who’s interesting and want some action mangas to read.


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