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Martial Peak – From nothing to something, An Interesting light manga!

The main character of this Martial Peak Manga is actually hateful. At the start of the storyline whenever the main character was struck by a powerful competitor he grew excited and began becoming stronger and fiercer because the struggle gradually lasted, for some reason that seemed to evaporate with all the main char becoming more reasons to allowing anybody see his true powers.

At the start of the story you find that the main char being ‘Bullied’ by his fellow disciples to be weak, but even through that he still stays calm and it wasn’t like everybody else he met hated him actually there were lots of unwanted characters who behaved very wonderful into the main char of Martial Peak but following the narrative advances the MC becomes a big Dick who appears not to give a damn about innocent individuals, I state this since I was now reading the arc would be that the MC is shot to an island having kidnapped innocents were he does not attempt to rescue anyone he is just out looking out for his own skin without helping anybody.

Okay, the arc starts with him entering a town with filthy and ripped clothing looking like a beggar, he stands motionless from the roads while meditating but a small girl sees him there and supposes he is mad so the small woman invites him into her home. She’s completely poor and just resides with her grandfather after her parents had been kidnapped and shot to an island with a wicked sect, after a time in staying together with the grandpa and granddaughter set he abruptly awakens noise coming from the exterior of the doorway, the wicked sect disciples look and would like to take the away the grandpa and also the granddaughter but during certain ways the MC moves in their stead.

Following the MC arrives, do you believe he hunts for your mother and father of this little girl? No, he simply continues searching for Read Free Manga Online be idiots although a lot of innocent people were intimidated by this sect he does nothing to spare them and only stands outside for benefits that may raise up his cultivation. You’d think that because he was once feeble and poor he’d sympathize with the poor and weak but this MC does not give a damn about others, I despise him and this narrative. Also, it is not only him who has this mindset in regards to Chinese light mangas It appears every MC are heartless bastards who do not ‘meddle’ with other people issues even when he gets the capability to help, I truly do hate this character attribute in Japanese mangas.

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