A combination of Action and Sci-fi!

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Manga is one of those few Chinese mangas that don’t receive the focus it deserves, it’s truly really
underestimated. Nonetheless, it’s the smallest little ” dark “, rather it is very enjoyable and this is extremely accurate as more time passes.
To rate this light manga 7/10 is truly an underestimation into the greatness of the publication.
The topic of the publication is apocalypse from the actual world, with the sport like elements appearing on the planet. The earth they live in is
essentially ‘invaded’ by individuals from higher realms that call themselves ‘ gamers ‘ producing the first habitants of the planet NPCs. The
gamers treat the planet for a game along with the NPCs fought to exist, they do not just struggle in any place, however, but rather a dungeon like
a location where there are puzzles and puzzles they will need to overcome to win against the dungeon, so not just brawns but brains also. Along
with this, the dungeons does not mean that it always has to be some thing such as the first dungeon theory in dungeons and dragons. The scale of
this dungeon is really large I would not be shocked if t the conclusion of the publication the complete Earth are a dungeon.


Really, this History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi practically improves at each part from fashion to narrative as the story continues, so at the
first stage you may not agree with me at all if I state that I enjoy the writer’s style.
Additionally, it doesn’t utilize the leveling system which game like world generally utilizes, there are distinctions, such as A ranked, B rated,
etc.. However, the writer does not concentrate on this at all so there aren’t many complications stats and all of the things, actually the battle
scenes aren’t a strong point of the publication, it has powerful points lies inside it’s puzzling, real-world knowledge usage, fun excitement and
It’s it’s very own one-off jokes and if it does, it’s extremely funny.
Initially, the narrative picks up very gradually.
The puzzles and mysteries of the dungeons are extremely entertaining and it provides a premise to the narrative, if I were to mention one of those
things the book is lacking, it is in its battle scenes, since I myself doesn’t feel overly into it if the battle scenes happen, and when compared
with another Master-class battle scenes author, History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi’s battle scenes really fell short, there’s a little bit of
progress after 200 chapters or so though.
As time pass, the story will show an increasing number of secrets about the planet they live in, and the puzzles that it is going to show gave me
chills everytime I read it, it’s among the greatest aspects I adored about this. For me or everybody, it’s far from a masterpiece. But in my
opinion, it’s a good read. If you’re finding some good mangabat.com to read then I highly recommend this for you.

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