The Eternal Tie between Self-Reliance and Cooperation

To be self-reliant means to trust your own mind and intuition to guide you to first fruits of your path to success and self-realization. This path may be difficult at times, but the struggle is there to show us what

works and what doesn’t. This path may not be a straight line, but a curved, serpentine road which we must take the first step on ourselves.  douluo dalu novel

The path of self-reliant belief in ourselves and in the creative forces within us means to also come across the crossroads where one needs to cooperate with others of similar thoughts, ideas, and goals. The

natural laws of life are based on giving and receiving. When noticing the crossroads we need to choose to the best of our abilities the new road of the best possible cooperation we can realize with another or


The difference between cooperation and parasitism is that in cooperation we bring value to others and others bring value to us. Cooperation means mutual benefits, and minimum loss. Parasitism means

taking without giving, and maximum loss of those on who the parasite feeds off of. Parasitism is anti-life, cooperation is life itself. In cooperation self-reliant individuals recognize one another. In parasitism

there is no self reliance, not even on the part of the host which took pity on the parasite while seeing the parasite as his ticket to some kind of abominable altruism which kills both the host and the parasite

in the end. warlock of the magus world

The truth about life is that complete self-sacrifice is immoral as well as is extreme egoism. In fact, complete self-sacrifice often equals extreme egoism. These two are entwined together in a knot which

leads nowhere, does nothing, and creates only loss and suffering for the individual, for the group, for a nation, for the world.

In our initial self-reliance and trust in our own abilities to grow and overcome initial obstacles is the ultimate key to our self-realization as humans which rise up to the challenges and benefits of

cooperation with another or others of like minds and spirits. No individual is an island, but every individual does hold inside themselves this key to becoming and being the best version of themselves

and not of others. This is not egotism, but self-realization. The ego boasts of being the best always without need for improvement over time and against obstacles. The ego also beats the self with endless doubts and fears, trying to drag the true self to the bottom where everything in one’s life becomes other people’s fault. light-novel

The self knows that life is not easy so that we know ourselves better and measure our own progress against challenges we overcome, solve, or see in a different light. The self knows that each individual is

the cause and effect of everything in their lives. The self knows that the spiritual and the material are tied together and match each other in different forms within and outside ourselves. The self knows that the ego is just our insecurity and fear, doubts and ignorance of what else lies behind the shallow understanding of life.

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