How to Write a Converting Report (in under An Hour)

Email lists are everywhere. They’re essential if you want dedicated customers, and they’re one of the few things that can build you a guaranteed platform. Not only that, but they help practically every niche. So why are email lists so hard to build?

No one wants to give away their personal information to a stranger. Potential leads need something in return, and one of the most popular signup gifts is the groundbreaking report. The idea of sitting in front of your computer coming up with something to claim as indespensible can be daunting if you’re not a natural writer, but it’s surprisingly easy to write an effective piece that leads will fmd valuable. You don’t have to write very much, child of light novel either—the most effectively converting reports are only about 3-5 pages long. That’s not even the length of a short ebook! Still intimidating? Let’s break it up. Let’s aim to have a report completed in under an hour so that you can offer it to prospective leads and give them a good reason to join your list.


  1. (Five minutes) First you need to decide what to write about. Make it something important or something fast. People like lists and they like ways to optimize their own work, so you should offer a list of tools or a comprehensive step-by-step plan to achieving a goal related to your niche. manga like tate no yuusha Don’t be too broad, though—with specifics, you can get more in depth. Offer something like “Three ways to build your brand today!” or “Lose five pounds a week with this miracle system!” Words

like “secret,” “miracle” and “today” work like magic in a report title if you don’t overuse them!

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