How to Use Imagination to Better Life’s Circumstances

Life has its certain challenges and can at times become overbearing. Whenever a person is confronted by difficulties, it is vital to remember that those difficulties have an equal opportunity within themselves. It is not difficult to use the endless well of imagination in bettering one’s life, circumstances and environment over time and with some patient effort.

Individuals throughout time have accomplished what most can’t by holding onto one simple fact of life and that is that the human spirit and its inspired imagination can achieve seeming miracles. From inventions, innovations, travels, explorations and different ways of seeing life, pioneer women and men have shown us how to hold onto to the most precious gifts humanity has been bestowed with.

Nothing is impossible. read monster musume To try and to achieve only nothing is truly impossible and has been since the dawn of time. Whenever one encounters a problem, that problem becomes a part of the individual experiencing it. If a problem is a part of us then we are the ones who can solve it, alleviate, change it, overcome it, or let it be.

It wasn’t knowledge that helped Einstein to see bigger and expanded picture of the world we live in, it was his imagination because he started off by knowing that he didn’t know enough, but wanted to know as much as he could comprehend and see.

It wasn’t riches which helped Henry Ford to devise newer ways of traversing roads, countries, and ideas because Ford started from poverty and it was his imagination which guided him to imagine what everyone else saw as impossible.

It wasn’t physical disability which helped Helen Keller become a writer and an inspiration, it was her own imagination inspired by her teacher which awoke her from the seeming walls of darkness and silence.


It is human imagination which guided women and men out of poverty, out of illness, out of self-pity, out of inner and outer struggles. Using imagination, putting it to work through our visions and feeling them as already achieved pushes us forward as individuals, groups, nations, species. Without it, we’d still tap against cave walls with nothing but out fists and primitive tools instead of painting with brushes, softwares, and our minds.

It is the human mind which imagines, and creates. Civilizations come and go, konjiki no moji tsukai but the imaginations of their most prominent minds stay with us into modern times and beyond. Ancient temples are weathered down, but their structures and their ornaments still tickle our modernized world’s wonder and inspiration.

Imagination is the eternal inner light within each human being. If imagination is put to ill use, it produces ill results. If one’s imagination is put to good use, it produces magnificence and inspires countless others over time and space.

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