This manga is so cute!

What if you know that your parents never actually being there for you and all of sudden you’ve got no place called “home”. So, where will you go now? Taiyou no Ie Manga by the author Taamo is a very interesting story about a girl and a guy who have understood each other from when they were little. Motomiya Mao, the girl, is a high school pupil who finds herself turning to her twenty-three year old pal, Nakamura Hiro, once again for solace spent their childhood days that are blissful in.

I’ve in all honesty and read some of Taamo, not one of them particularly struck me. They’re way too fast or too fluffy to my liking which is the primary reason for my wariness for this particular reading this one. I can say now, nevertheless, that I didn’t make a blunder with Taiyou no Ie which is a lovely read with real-life difficulties told in an interesting, captivating manner. We’ve her father only remarried, Motomiya Mao who’s fighting with her current life and Nakamura Hiro who is fighting with his past life, reminiscing the good old days when carefree is frolicking with Mao and his sibs. Jointly joined is the recipe Taiyou no Ie, for the storyline.


The storyline has got to be the most powerful points in this Taiyou no Ie that is surprising since I think her previous works, Isshoni Ofuro and Onegai, Sensei, are really rushed and just plain unbelievable. In the world of manga and anime, I understand the term ‘ ’ that is amazing is more commonly present than not since sometimes the impossible is required for effective escapism but sometimes all a person wants is relatable situations for an enjoyable time. And this one does only that. The assumption is pretty straightforward with the two leads having their own person but similar issues that brings them together and overlaps. But the way everything is executed is what captivates me. Everything slows to a great rate, not forgetting any detail that’s needed to get from one event to another. It is this ability that sets this story different from most and places it on an enjoyment scale much above than others.

Taamo is unafraid to develop the primary lead’s characters. She lets us enter the distressed thoughts of both Mao and Hiro, creating a comprehension of the way that they’ve become what they are. She also creates a unique bond that’s lacking in the remainder of her works. It’s natural, unlike most shoujo stories out there although it really is subtle. Once the heroine goes in an identical house with all the hero but not in Taiyou no Ie, most shoujo will have some sexual tension. Hiro places a curfew and time schedule like any other responsible adult should and Mao does her best with the housework even if it ends in catastrophe just like any other insecure teenager her age.

Artwork is excellent as usual though I’m not really one to judge since I appreciate any graphics as long as the storyline is superb. There are some messily drawn parts in Taiyou no Ie which makes it tough to decipher it but other than that, there’s no large concern as it pertains to art.

There are lots of things we take for granted like a house and that individual who is there to say welcome back’ that is ‘ when you return from work or a school day. Taiyou no Ie is an excellent manga that will reach your heartstrings with such messages, a delightful difference from the rest of the mangas that seem to pop up for entirely guilty delight. Enter the lives of a girl and a man and the journey in which they find what family and love really is. For those who Read Manga, this manga is definitely worth it.

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