Wealth is Attracted by the Giving and Receiving Mechanism

Many people go through life with negative assumptions, opinions, prejudices shaped by past experiences, events, situations, upbringing, media, teachers about wealth in various forms be it tangible, material, monetary wealth or spiritual, intangible, emotional, inspired inner and outer forms of wealth such as wealth of love, peace, and joy.

Sometimes people grow up with very little and think that lack and scarcity is the only reality or can ever be their reality. Sometimes this mentality of lack makes us afraid of even imagining, desiring, wanting, accomplishing more in our lives. There is nothing to be ashamed of about past or present lack of anything in your life, but it’s vital to understand that with proper attitude, positive assumptions, positive outlook on wealth can and will change your outer circumstances over time through the mechanism of giving and receiving.

Think of the average individual brought up in lack of money, or who has experienced lack. Sometimes the ego, the self-esteem, slave harem the spiritual of the individual feels negative about that lack of money, and about money in general since these two spheres o having and not having are so close together. A person in extreme poverty will be afraid to share some times, and other times they will share everything they have with others. While it’s quite rational and normal to be scared of sharing with others when you have very little or nothing of material wealth, it’s also wise to try and over time focus on positive mindset where the individual can imagine themselves as better or well off in material sense in order to start noticing possibilities and opportunities around them.Best dog food for shelties


Negative assumptions about money held for too long and with too much intensity do not attract wealth. Wealth itself is attracted by wealth, and anyone can attract wealth from the spiritual sphere of the inner world where they imagine their material goal as accomplished and see themselves in their imagination as already doing something which would follow the accomplishment of their goal in the outer world. Seeing, feeling ourselves doing a positive action with our money which has already been attained influences our psyche to accept this imagination as reality. That reality over time becomes our outer reality with our faith in it. The spiritual and the material are tied, are one. Everything is possible. It’s all within us, and thus must be attracted, realized, materialized in the outer world as long as we decide to let go of past negative opinions, assumptions, and attitudes.

The mechanism of giving and receiving makes wealth come to us in various forms and shapes. That which we give, we receive. Not always from the same source to which we gave, but giving a part of our wealth such as a part of our money, our time, our love, our care, our peace, our inspiration, our creativity, our attention opens our spiritual selves to receiving all that which we gave several times over. All giving needs to be genuine without worry, doubt, insecurity, and it needs to be voluntary and not forces. Give to a source of your joy, inspiration, peace, creativity. Give to yourself as well without feeling guilty or undeserving. Treat yourself to something you’ve wanted, needed, desired from time to time. Give to your inner world the feelings and thoughts which are positively charged. Give to others inspiration, love, death flags  care, positive thoughts and feelings if they are willing to receive them. Don’t expect to receive from the sources you gave because more often you will receive from unexpected avenues or different sources.

To receive you need to give to yourself, to others, to whichever spiritual force you believe in. Some people give clothes to charities, and without even noticing they always have a surplus of clothes. Some people give away books to foundations or close friends and family, and they always have a surplus of

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