The Only Reality is the One Our Consciousness Believes In

Ask a couple of individuals what reality means to them and they will give you different answers. Reality for each individual is truly different. What we call individual reality is shaped by our childhood, experiences, teachers, society, mentors, media, religion, politicians and many other people and situations.

Our conscious mind sees reality as it conforms to its beliefs, biases, and prejudices. Even quantum theory has confirmed that reality is shaped by what we think is or should be reality. In essence, in every interaction with other people, we are creating reality together with those people and their own beliefs.

Our consciousness assumes and what we think is outside reality delivers to us what is on our inside reality. slime tensei monogatari The only way to change reality is to change our consciousness, our perceptions, our past beliefs and biases.


Whenever we have a problem with another individual, that problem is partly within us and partially with the other individual. It is upon our shoulders to take responsibility for the issue by examining what it is within us that we are creating the problem. Are we upset with another due to some preconceived notion without proof? Are we upset because of some of other previous personal issue and have taken the wrong path by letting our frustrations onto others? This isn’t to say that we are at fault for any and all issues in our lives and other people’s lives or for everything in the world; it’s just that whatever comes to us in our lives in our personal interactions has its cause in our consciousness in part.

Being responsible means to be able to respond to the causes within our consciousness, and then visualizing a positive scenario in our mind where we have overcome or alleviated the trouble at hand. Our consciousness can mold reality to what we desire it to be with positive thought patterns and visualization of our end goal where we have already achieved what we desired in the first place.

If an individual has an issue with their family member over some personal matter, it would be up to the individual to try and visualize themselves with their family member as having already reached an agreement or compromise, and are enjoying one another’s company without any tension and unnecessary mistrust. re zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu novel Feeling that positive outcome in one’s mind changes the aspect of our consciousness which was stuck to a different concept of reality.

Reality is in fact our own brain’s baby. If you wish for a more grown up version of reality, you need to conceive another reality within your consciousness by visualizing and feeling another positive scenario, event in your mind. The more vivid the images within your mind, and the more focused you are on the positive aftermath of anything you desire to change or overcome the better the result in the outer reality.

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