The Infinite Creativity and Wisdom of the Female Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind has been portrayed in myths, religions and traditional stories as the entrapped female or as the Virgin Mary. The subconscious mind holds infinite creativity and wisdom which can be tapped into if the conscious mind impresses positive feelings, thoughts and goals onto the subconscious in a relaxed state.

It is impossible to control the subconscious mind since the conscious mind has no insight into the expansions of endless wisdom and possibilities due to the limits of the physical senses with which the conscious mind is entrapped with.

Women have been persecuted over centuries due to this seemingly fragmented state of the individual psyche. tales of demon and gods light novel Both men and other women have persecuted those women who exhibited insights into the natural and supra-natural worlds. Unfortunately, most religions have misunderstood their own teachings and put the female as the lesser sex and weaker one even though to go through centuries of horrors such as psychological and physical torture implies that the female is the stronger one to endure this much and still be capable of love and forgiveness psychologically.

While cultures around the world still worship phallic divinities, the truth is that the phallic represents the outer world and the womb represents the inner world. In a way, most cultures have misunderstood human psyche.


The human psyche creates on the inside and then projects on the outside. This is true of both the male and female psyche. Each human psyche is constructed out of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind sees the outside world and interprets it with five physical senses. slime tensei monogatari The subconscious mind sees the outside through the conscious mind’s feelings, thoughts and images. Whatever the conscious translates to the subconscious comes out of the subconscious as the outer world. Hence the inner creation comes out to the outside.

Human consciousness which is made out of the conscious (male element) and the subconscious (female element) creates the outside world or what people call reality. Each individual’s reality is shaped by their psyche, by the conscious impressions on the subconscious which then expresses the inner to the outer world.

In order to change one’s reality, there is no need to change the world outside, but to change the world within. The world within can be shaped and changed by turning negative feelings, experiences, emotions into positive feelings, experiences, emotions by creating positive visions, goals, experiences and feelings which the conscious then impresses on the subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind accepts the new positive impressions, it then works its own creative mechanism to find all the ways to manifest positive experiences, goals, feelings on the outside world.

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