People Without Wisdom Teeth: Are They More Evolved?

Wisdom teeth seem wrongly named by anyone who has suffered from an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. The suffering increases when the one needing wisdom tooth extraction learns of someone who never grew wisdom teeth. Are the people that lack wisdom teeth more evolved than the suckers with wisdom teeth?

Short Answer: No

There is nothing “less evolved” about growing one or more annoying wisdom teeth. That’s not how evolution works. No species is “more evolved” or “less evolved” than any other species. This is a common misconception about evolution, so you are not stupid for thinking that some species are “more evolved” than others. close combat mage light novel In fact, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, many popular writers taught this misconception. It’s a hard one to shake. Growing or not growing wisdom teeth is just a normal variety in the human species. It’s like eye or skin color. No color or eyes or skin is any more “evolved” than another. People with wisdom teeth are no better than people without wisdom teeth just as people with white skin are no better than people with any other color skin.

You Just Lack a Mutation Not Worth


So why do more people grow wisdom teeth than people who don’t? Wisdom teeth are not only annoying but potentially crippling. Certainly people without wisdom teeth are far more adapted to life than people with wisdom teeth. Not necessarily. The reason why there are more people with wisdom teeth than those without is that the people with wisdom teeth survived to breed more children than those without. According Princeton University researcher Alan Mann, a mutation for not growing wisdom teeth developed randomly in some people 300,000 to 400,000 thousand years ago.

Will Wisdom Teeth Disappear For Good? Evolution works slowly and never stops. It is possible that someday in the future, all humans will never have to experience the joys of wisdom tooth surgeries. However, not enough time has passed for this to happen. ancient strengthening technique In the meantime, we have adapted to wisdom teeth through surgeries and painkillers. We survive the surgery, fall in live and have babies doomed to grow wisdom teeth.

So far, people with wisdom teeth have more children than those that don’t. This is normal. Now, if some homicidal dictator took over the world and killed every person with wisdom teeth, then that would probably be the only way wisdom teeth could effectively be reduced in the human population. It may not be wiped out since people without wisdom teeth may carry genes for wisdom teeth growth.

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