Generally you simply follow his


The story of Ruler of the Land manga is about Han Bi Kwang the 6th disciple of the most powerful master of the dark clan.Regardless of this Han Bi Kwang really wants to look for a spouse and stay a peaceful life and just doesn’t have need to study martial arts. The story is very good despite there not being any general piece like overtaking the planet or something like this or getting the best. Generally you simply follow his perverted antics and Han Bi Kwang. Regardless of this the history does not lack because it mainly focuses on the trip of his partner and Han Bi Kwang.
The main characters is entertaining and refreshing. He is very real as a main character.

The-art design is reflective of when it had been created, but significantly increases because the chapters progress.

The figures are fairly plausible to some degree.

The initial idea of the piece is clearly very good.


The writing for creating the plan is terrible. The writing is like considering thinly sliced swiss cheese, a lot of pockets and almost look out of.

The cliches are like cooties from women around a little boy.

The people are almost completely fixed. They might appear to change but several chapters later they’re back for their previous tricks having a few tips thrown in. not just that however the exact same poor choices are continuously made by the MC repeatedly again. You’ll notice it while reading Ruler of the Land.

Among the larger problems may be the writer/performer continually breaking the 4th wall. You will be in all a quick and the middle of the conversation there is a figure stating a section something. It is overused the original enjoyment turns to resentment and completely fails the engagement within the account.

The story’s arcs are the same. From the sixth theif you are feeling like deja vu and never in a great way. Not just that but there’s never down-time for personality inter-relationship development.

There’s also a lot of foolish fanservice that detracts from your story.

The horse has combusted by just how many instances it’s been beaten. If it wasn’t alive before it definitely is .

Among the most annoying issues was nerf period and the fan and just how unpredictable it was. On time the MC could take the following he could not actually beat a work of the work player, on a master enemy. It is type of interesting since all of the side figures move him in energy the MC is recognized as a master constantly. The MC totally ignore totally or utilize it when it had been improper or silly after which might also grasp anything.

I truly tried to enjoy this manhwa and I truly did. A lot of people explained that I thought and it had been excellent. I simply feel burned out and lied to. I probably will not even consider this manhwa again until it is in frustration. I highly recommend this. But if you do not like this, don’t hesitate to read manga and find yourself another favorite!

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